I'm maxed in RS3 and creeping up with quest point cape at OSRS
As far as your own pvm remarks, there's much higher tier gear, prayers, etc. Thus, should you updated some gear I am sure, even though you struggled with QBD you're going to be OK. As it has to offer in this RS gold respect if you do love pvm I'd suggest RS3. RS3 is unquestionably a grind to 99s. You can catch up to this in no moment in RS3 if your OSRS account is mid level. And if you are seeking to be more casual and do not have a bunch of time to perform I would go together with RS3.

What people dont appear to state is RuneScape is mobile.. Gone would be the days you have to sit at your monitor daily afk woodcutting, simply do it on your phone as you get on with life it's simple. All the"osrs is a mill' opinions do not seem to take this into account and portray it as a super grindy no-life match! Plus 90 stats do not take as long as folks appear to think, 99 sure but that I don't see any difficulties with that, it's max degree after all.Been on iPhone for many years so I was just able to play with OSRS mobile (99 percent of my play time is really on cellular ). Got tired of waiting for RS3 cellphone so that I switched into a S20+ and the following week they announce that RS3 mobile closed beta will be launch shortly.. Sad day.

That is true, but if someone is saying they want to casually play still typically means they do not wish to / or cannot spend all day grinding even if it's on cellular. Trust me I understand the greatness of having mobile. RS3 mobile has been incredible for somebody like me that does not have the time or means to always be in desktop computer or a laptop. Yea OSRS may not be as dumb as people say but RS3 remains waaay faster and better for a casual player or just a player who has too many real-life responsibilities that does not allow them to play a lot. Whenever you have limited amount of match time, otherwise, it makes a major difference on this grind's rate.

I'm maxed in RS3 and creeping up with quest point cape at OSRS on 1900 total. I prefer OSRS on virtually all aspects, which is why it's my game of both. Some assert that bossing is much better in RS3, but to me personally I would rather play WoW classic if I desired ability established bossing, RS3 is really clunky with all the tick system. OSRS has the signup system, yes, but it is unique although it's not quite as interactive as RS3's system. Nevertheless, you said for play. So talking endgame bosses may not be applicable. Since you're a returning player, OSRS is approachable and easy to pick up on. RS3 still confuses me, since I've taken many fractures over time, and the gaps in understanding of what has been published is showing.

But RS3 permits you to progress faster both on the low end but on skilling's upper end. OSRS is such and more of a grind with xp prices that are lower. Of if you will find any YT series or such, 14, on the notice RS3 content production is just about dead to be fair. If you prefer the content creation aspects (flows, youtube series, jagex hosted events such as DMM) then OSRS is the cheap OSRS gold place to be. OSRS is my first move to, although I don't think either is a bad choice. (Except for now that we've obtained a brand new ability to mill out at RS3).

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