They are only content creators and not experts of NBA 2K
I realised you, emailed youpersonally, and at the end of mt nba 2k20 the day that the players know more about your game and how to solve the issues than your company. It's hilarious of how disappointing a business you've devolved into. Your community manager we are mocked by Ronnie has a reputation with all the players of your sport, and dosnt even understand high degree gameplay of 2K. You offered us a half finished game and it took you 3 weeks to correct online play out my livelihood (my group and play now actually didn't work online), game breaking glitches occurred in my career to get boundless XP/full badges/and VC glitch yet you didn't reprehend hardly anyone who abused it.

Week two a glitch was found on how to get multiple 999 tokens for player exchange and people literally received ending of match content players at token store yet you didn't roll them back or do anything to fix the unfairness which was on line against them, you had the participant lock glitch in effect for a month and it had been such a brain dead simple to detect glitch and fixable but you did not observe that ( I mean within two weeks of discharge I discovered it by accident using Ben Simmons and was able to play him point which gave me a huge edge online ). The myteam auction home has become the most unfriendly user interface system and horrible to browse through (seriously only sneak maddens concept and we're going to be happy).

You suffer from locker codes which made it impossible to get the Kobe card necessary for challenges you introduced and no one on your team aided or knew how to solve the matter but your participant base did???? You need to actually evaluate your team and think about hiring committed players to help adjust, evaluation, and moderate your sport.

Additionally, should you ever do start taking player opinion please stop/don't only look to the popular youtubers for advice. That is not your neighborhood, they are only content creators and not experts of NBA 2K. (I.e. not just the my career tubers or the pack opening tubers). Please consider acquiring players who know the intricacies of the present and previous games. Those people who study NBA 2K in every facet and work to master every manner. Please think about this, we want NBA 2K to be the best it can possibly be all the forums, subreddits, and stations are full of people pointing out how many defects your company has when it comes to NBA 2K we love so much.

Additionally pack chances, I don't buy packs decided to spend 89.99 and got the extra Vc. I mean I shoulda known right. But if you spend an additional 100 dollars you would think I would get an opal. However, no I got about 5 diamond batums, and a great deal of worthless cards plus a ton of Ricky Rubio. It just does not make sense at all to me it is why every year I get a refund when I purchase vc as it is such a scam. We all should be grouping together and mt for sale 2k20 doing something about it. But sadly if article like yours don't get detected.
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